I have been seeing Peter for over 2 years. I think coming to Peter helps me to manage my stress levels. After my treatments I feel very relaxed & stress free. During the time I have seen Peterhe has helped me through pain caused by minor injuries. I am very grateful for all the help I have recieved and would reccomend the Kernowyon clinic.

Peter and Debbie have also treated my ponies for various things. They helped save the life of a pony which we had who developedv laminitis just before christmas 2009 I now have an Equine and Human Acupressure therapy book and can help both ponies and Luke when Peter or Debbie are away. Peter is very helpful on the phone if he is away I should like to mention that my vet was very pleased that Peter was helping.

I have been coming to Peter for over 5 years. I suffer from degenerative discs in my neck and the pain relief I get from my treatments surpasses the pain – killers, faccet joint injections and epidurals. The best part of the treatmentsis that there are no side effects. The specialist I see is aware of and encourages the treatments I have.

My chiropractor sent me to Peter 3 years ago because she said that she could do no morefor me. My condition has improved beyond recongnition. My son has also seen Peter for A.D.H.D. Peter and Debbie now treat the horses on my yard and horses of clients at their yards. I now don`t get any one else in and my vet is very happy with the animals Humans, Horses, Dogs you can`t get better.

I just wanted to write to you to thank you for the work that you are doing for our members here at Headway.

As you know I am someone who has to see the benefits of any therapy first hand before I will expose any of the Headway members to it. My own experience of your treatment has been very positive and I thank you for what you have done. The benefits for the members you have seen already are quite clear. There is no doubt that a combination of the more traditional therapies and your own is a positive combination for those members who I can see will benefit.

On behalf of all at Headway Jersey many thanks again for your help and I hope we can keep this very beneficial relationship going for a long while to come.

TAMSYN HUTCHINS , Professional 3 day Eventer

Me and my horses have been working with Peter & Debbie for about 8 months and I have noticed a remarkable difference in the way the horses are moving and their muscle tone. Also, I am finding I am more in balance with the horses allowing us to work as a partnership with no hindrance from aches and pains. Thank you for helping our team of amazing event horses Tamsyn.

Westmead Guru

Westmead Guru is a racing Greyhound, black dog, born in July 2008, at the time of writing this he is 3 years old. W G’s racing career has been successful & shows great potential. However, while running a trial for the Greyhound Derby at Wimbledon earlier this year he ‘checked up’& did not perform well. He was examined by vet & a muscle specialist but they couldn’t find a problem. He ran in the 1st round of the Derby & performed a well below par performance. It was then that we decided to have Peter & Debbie look at WG. During the 1st treatment, Peter, working with his wife Debbie found an old shoulder injury & also picked up a restriction in the area of the base of his skull & 1st vertebrae, when there is often a neural restriction in this area that can cause behavioural problems. This revealed to us why he gets so hyped up in the kennels before racing.

After this 1st treatment with Peter & Debbie, Westmead Guru won the next round of his Derby heat & qualified each week to finish a close 2nd in the Derby Final in June this year. The Greyhound that won the Derby broke the track record that night & is the son of the legendary Westmead Hawk, winner of the Greyhound Derby in 2005 & 2006. Westmead Guru has been back to Peter & Debbie for 1 further treatment & has won 2 more races at Henlow Greyhound Stadium this summer.

Denmark,   Ea’s Comments

Thank you to Ian for telling me about Peter. Thank you to Rosa and Anja for bringing Peter down to Møn.

Thank you to Peter for starting the process of teaching my body to mend itself. I am sitting in the sun in total peace and harmony. My body is relaxed to its inner core, which it has not been able to achieve on its own. Like Peter said, it needed some assistance. So what did Peter do? I honestly don’t know. He did not ask any questions but his hands found all the places in my body that were contorted. I think the warmth in his hand talked to my nerve cells to wake up, make connections and start healing themselves. For the first time in a long long time I can bend my neck and turn my head to both right and left. A truly amazing feeling. There are still many areas in my body that need to heal, but the process has started. Peter said that he enters a dialogue with the body and let it decide how far it can manage to go. So this is how far we got, but Peter convinced me that although things take time, my body can figure it out.

My horses are truly satisfied too. Peter started with my gelding Lomi, who was totally at ease with him and let him work on him with only a slight question in the beginning. Yesterday, we went for a ride of 18 km, so like Peter said, any imbalance or problems he had would certainly show up today. Peter said, he had had an injury in the adducting muscle of his right hind leg and also a shoulder injury in his left shoulder, which corresponded with an injury he had before I got him 5 years ago. At the time I did not remember, but now, as I am reviewing the session in my mind, I remembered that 1 year and a half ago, I noticed that he had difficulty pulling his right leg under him to make hindquarter yields. That was after riding an endurance race one day and driving cows the next day. I left him alone for about 6 weeks and he slowly recovered and a chiropractor loosened what she said was a locking of his 4th and 5th lumbar vertebrae. Can’t remember the exact term. Since then he has not had any problems except I have noticed difficulty with cantor departures to the left especially if I worked at it for several times. I am very anxious to follow the development, and see if he will be moving freer in the time to come.

Gerpla my mare also had a treatment. She is extremely sensitive and apparently she sensed Peter already as I got her from the pasture, where she had been grazing. Suddenly, she stopped in her tracks, she does that sometimes, so I did not think much of it, but it was remarkable how she stood, like she was listening. When I introduced her to Peter, she took it very matter of factly and immediately let him work at her. He felt some old injuries in her left hind quarter, which dated back to when she foaled. She let him work on that without questions and eventually the knots loosened up indicating that her nerve endings could start the mending process. At least that is how I understood Peter’s explanations. Then he moved to her right hind quarters where he worked on an imbalance between the kidneys and the bladder. He stood for a long time working on the imbalance, while she seemed attentive to his doings, and then suddenly she turned her head towards him looked at him like thanking him and then she started grazing. It was a very moving moment for all three of us who were tied together in an energy circle it seemed. I have not seen her connect that easily with someone, and Peter said that he had already connected with her when I went to get him, and that made perfectly sense when I remembered her behaviour before on the hill.

And finally, Peter is very sensitive to Qi = energy wherever he is. Without me asking, he confirmed what I found out myself, that horses’ energy layers start way above them and not on the side like I thought when I began searching. So Lomi’s Qi is very large and starts about 50cm above his back. Interesting isn’t it?

This pony was to be ‘put to sleep’ due to problems at the base of its neck.

After 3 treatments and some time out enjoying life in our herd she is now with a young family enjoying pony club life, and regularly winning rosettes.