Peter is the founder of

KERNOWYON for ONE and ALL  which combines all the modalities he has learnt and uses them as ONE, working with the imbalances the body presents him, the body will present the levels it needs help with however many that maybe. Working with the physicial, emotional, holistic fields of energy , spiritual and many more depending on what is relevant and serves the individaul body for that session.

Every body is totally unique and has accumalated its problems from birth to present day.

Often most therapies only address the syptoms not the cause of the problem, which needs to be helped to obtain their own balance from within.

Clients tell Peter they are in constant pain but the medicial machines cannot find anything physically wrong with them, they must learn to manage their pain.

Peter often finds the pain is very real and it is coming from nerve compression or restrictions.

Finding important Strategic Crossroads of the body such as the Peritoneal or fascial crossroads where nerves, arteries,veins and Lymph canals have the risk to be compressed in case of retraction, fibrositys, elisions due to surgery, accidents, hormonal dysbalance and systemic diseases.

The Human sessions last about 1 hour and the person is fully clothed but asked to wear track suit type material because it is easier to work through.

Equine treatments also takes around 1 hour.

Peter is always happy to explain what the body shows him and how it is unravelling itsself through the session

Peter also does talks at Riding Centres while treating horses or at premises where a group would like to expand their knowledge of how to help their horse or what problems they maybe causing their horse, from their own imbalances that the horse is having to compensate for. Also explain how the rider can correct some of their own imbalances.